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great white shark diveDriving yourself though Africa is a dream for many people, if you are lucky enough to be one of the few who can do it then we’d like to meet you!

We’ve lived and driven around southern Africa and broken down and got stuck in most places for many years and know some of the highs and lows this can bring. We love overlanding and we know that sometimes some local advice, somewhere safe to put the car and a cold beer is just what you need.

That’s where we come in!

We can help you with:

  • Mechanics: We don’t have our own mechanics but we can put you in contact with guys who are expert on your type of vehicle, and we can make sure you don’t get in contact with the wrong type of mechanic!
  • Vehicle storage: We have free parking for overland vehicles where you are welcome to work on your vehicle. We also have contacts who handle long term storage.
  • Vehicle sales: If you feel you’ve simply had enough then maybe we can help!
  • Vehicle Hire: If you need an instant replacement vehicle or don’t have your own vehicle but always wanted to go over landing then we have various options of vehicle hire available, from fully equipped vehicles to basic 4x4’s to take your equipment.
  • Route Advice: You will have your GPS and your map, but nothing beats a local who knows that the rain washed the bridge away!

E-mail us with what you need and we will try to help! When you book please let us know if you need parking.

We Proudly Support Christopher Fenner Educational Fund South Luangwa Conservation Society Conservation Lower Zambezi
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