Tips for Backpacking – Becoming a Professional Backpacker

Welcome to Chachabackpackers! If you need tips on how to travel around the world, you’ve come to the right place. Live your dream life and become a digital nomad by checking out some of smartest tips – VISA, budget, and backpacking! It’s time you gain the freedom to travel the world, get paid at the same time, and just be… HAPPY.

Tips for Backpacking – Becoming a Professional Backpacker

Traveling? Nothing can prepare you for living on the road like actually being on the road… Beginners and medium starters have been learning new tricks every time they get on the road. But whether you’re a starter or someone stuck with thinking whether quitting your 9 to 5 job is worth it, you’ve come to the right place. 

  • Don’t pack too much. A classic backpacker only brings the most important stuff, which of course includes food, clothes, and camera among others.
  • Get a health check. Backing is a lonely journey unless you meet other backpackers along the way. But if you don’t want to break down halfway, you must be in perfect health before you go backpacking.
  • Prepare your VISA and other important travel documents. You don’t want to end up stuck in borders so you make sure you have your pertinent documents with you.
  • Know the countries you’re going. Educate yourself about travel restrictions and VISA requirements.
  • Bring cash always. Don’t expect to have access to ATMs everywhere. Also, it might take a while before reach another ATM machine after your first withdrawal so better bring cash.
  • Travel with a group to split the cost. Depending on your traveling goals, it is budget-wise to tag along with a group.
  • Pack a quality tent.  If you like to be in wild places, you must carry a highly resistant tent to keep you warm all the time.
  • Take as many pictures as you can and bring extra memory cards. You will definitely regret having not enough memory down the road. Plus, don’t underestimate the hundreds of wonderful places you can go when

Backpacking Solo

Backpacking solo? In a world full of stresses and distraction, spending yourself on a solo backpacking can provide the opportunity to disconnect and focus only on the objective.  Without others, you can go anywhere you want and travel to places that suits you best.

  • Camp in established campground. Test out sleeping in a tent by yourself while being close to others.
  • Take a day hike by yourself and admire the surroundings.
  • Bring essentials like clothing, can goods, and insect repellent. Also bring cash, camera, extra batteries, and extra memory card.
  • Bring your gears (for example if you want to go climbing).
  • Take some medicines and emergency care kit.
  • Even if you are going solo, always tell someone where you are going for safety and emergency purpose.

Traveling With Significant Other

Traveling with a loved one?  Going around places with another person may take some getting to but it’s with someone you’re dating, there’s a different kind of pleasure involved. Here are our tips when you finally get out of your comfort zones and travel with your significant other.

  • Reserve a car rental. Since you’re traveling together, it’s best to ride together. You can cut the cost by renting a car and driving it yourself.
  • Prepare your VISA and other important travel document. You may need to bring your marriage contract if you’re traveling as a married couple. Lots of perks here.
  • Stay in hotels with complimentary breakfast – saves you some money for later.
  • Know each other’s needs especially when it comes to health. Since you’re the only person who can save your partner in your dual-journey, you need to be ready just in case something happens.

Traveling With Kid

Traveling with kids can be quite challenging. Since kids can be impatient, some tricks will help you have a stress-free vacation.  

Only bring the necessary stuff

Pack as little as possible. If you have a baby, bring wet wipes, snacks, and extra milk. Make sure you have enough snack to avoid rushing to the nearest store just get snacks. Also don’t forget to bring diapers, basic clothing, and maybe just one toy to keep your kids entertained throughout the travel.

Pre-book everything.

Don’t be complacent when you’re with kids. It is important to have everything pre-arranged before you reach your destination. Kids can easily get overwhelmed, hence it is easier if you have a place to stay right away you’ve arrived.

Explain the Trip

Don’t surprise your kids. As far as traveling is concerned, kids don’t like surprises unless it’s all about snacks and wonderful rides. If you are aiming for solitude and wilderness with your family, your kids might not like it.

Visit Kid-friendly Places

If you’re planning a trip with kids, place yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what they could’ve liked seeing when you reach your destination. Think about ice cream treats and going to the park. Or maybe have a visit to the zoo or go to the beach.  Avoid busy streets and public rides. It would be hard for you to carry one bag on one hand and the baby with the other.

Camping – Rent an RV

 Going for RV camping?  You made just the perfect decision. Here are some tips when you decide for a campervan living.

Get an extended RV warranty

If you just bought an RV and decided on a cross-country trip, an extended RV warranty will help cover the cost of unexpected repairs down the road.  Conduct a routine check for your RV before going out. Check the tires, brake pads, engine oil, and its interior condition.

Conserve food

Since you’re going places, it’s important to pack up essential food. If you have a mini fridge in your RV, then you’re lucky to bring some juice, soft drinks, water.  Have enough food until your next stop. Don’t bring food with shorter shelf life.

Enjoy your destinations

Wherever your RV takes you, just enjoy the moment. Camp around and near your RV, go fishing, grill some fish or meat, and enjoy the scenery. Living a campervan life even just for a week or more can be quite rewarding. Cherish every moment and always follow safety rules especially when traveling to remote places.

Best Places in the World To Travel

So where to next? There are many great places that you can travel.  Keep yourself abreast with our latest travel tips and articles to find out the best places to travel. We feature places from day to day for your inspiration.